Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Weekly Board

I worked on Series 1 of 'The Worst Week Of My Life' in 2004.

This well-regarded sitcom from Hat Trick Productions (written by Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni, starring Ben Miller, broadcast by BBC) subsequently ran to three series. 

Unusually, I actually came onto it after production started, for a few specific scenes that involved physical stunts, including the one you see here. 

I travelled to the location outside London to meet director Dan Zeff during a busy shooting day. 
As his time was at an absolute premium, we raced through the relevant scenes and I drew as we did so, getting his OK on shot composition then moving on to the next.
Any rough ideas that didn't capture what he wanted were crossed out and I tried again.

The scene covered here was shot at night on the bridge at Windsor and location photos were provided by the production team. 
These are stylistically quite detailed (more solid black to add depth) which possibly reflects the lighter workload in terms of number of frames, allowing more time to draw these final versions overnight before sending on to the production office.

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