Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Seasonal Work

In 2004 I also worked as sole storyboard artist on 'Out of Season' (HBO Studios).

This violent film noir was the brainchild of director Jevon O’Neill
It represented an ambitious story set in a sinister seaside town that had seen better days, and driven by the simmering relationships between troubled characters. 
In an effort to cover all bases and eventualities Jevon pretty much wanted to storyboard everything, scene-by-scene, resulting in a considerable workload for me and demanding a stripped-down line style within portrait A4 artwork sheets - merging the look of 'Randall & Hopkirk' (Deceased)' Series 1 and the format of Series 2.

In the final sample below you can see my way of attempting a shot wherein the camera rises to find the characters atop a storm-blown rollercoaster at night.
Essentially you have to read the sheet/frames in reverse order, from bottom to top.
I think it worked well. 

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