Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ali G Indaframe

In 2001 I was sole storyboard artist on 'Ali G Indahouse' (Working Title Films/Studio Canal 2002).

This was a major undertaking for me, working with director Mark Mylod – my old colleague from TV and advertising work – as he tackled a much-anticipated feature film debut for Sacha Baron-Cohen's character of the moment.
In the frames here are sections of the action movie parody that opens the film. Stylistically you can see how a more considered drawing approach (with tonal pencil) as in the close-up of the machine gun can give way to a brisker line style when the time allowed tightens (all the rest of the frames here). This is generally because of changes to script and/or the director’s intentions in shooting it.

Usually I would rather maintain a set style throughout a project for consistency, but this was a long job - over several months - and at times necessity over-rode aesthetics. 
We kept to two large cinematic frames per page, with artwork provided on A4 sheets.

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